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Re: [T3] rear hatch seal

Hey Peter- 

I have not done this successfully, but I do have one wacky idea.  The Karmann 
Ghia front seal looks similar in configuration to the Ghia decklid seal.  
Tomorrow I can go sneak a peek at my Ghia and see if it is at all possible to 
stick one on the other... maybe the catalog got it off a bit... 

... or maybe someone who's done this on a T3 will respond soon and make this 
comment seem useless... :-) 

Take care, 

>  *** lurk mode off *** 
>   I finally got around to installing a new rear hatch seal on the 
> squareback.  It looks beautiful, but doesn't seal!  Has anyone done 
> this successfully? 
>     The seal is shaped like a "V" with a sideways cut at the base that 
> you glue to the body seam.  My problem is the outer arm of the V 
> doesn't contact the hatch most of the perimeter.  I'm getting major 
> exhaust coming inside at speed. 
>     The seal is from West Coast Metric, listed as a Karman Ghia front 
> hatch seal.  I used 3M adhesive, so I don't think it's coming off for 
> a retry...  It seems as if I should have held the seal up away from 
> the body as it dried? 
> *** lurk mode on *** 
> Peter Parker 
> '66 Square; Phillip 
> Portland, OR 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------- 
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