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RE: [T3] A fate worse than the Darkside? (long)

Aww... I'm going to go home and hug the hell out of my car for at least a
half an hour, maybe spit-wet sand the surface rust instead of waiting to
sand blast it.....
*wipes a tear*


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In my last post I mentioned the fellow selling two Squares ( he says he's
not really into VW's...hmm, o.k.)
He told me if he doesn't sell the '66 soon (Jim Adney & others, brace
yourselves!), he's going to build a tube frame, mount the Square body on it
& fit a Chevy V8 (pardon my language) inside! He apologized to me, sensing
some VW purism inside. I said, although I don't really approve (I'll get to
that), worse things could happen to it. Consider this: the car is for sale &
in a perfect world it would go to someone Type 3 obsessed,(like many of us
on the list, maybe even someone on the list) who would tend to it's every
need, maybe give it the restoration it deserves, possibly add a few more
ponies under the engine lid (in the accepted air cooled fashion) & perhaps
most importantly KEEP IT OUT OF THE SALT! The reality is he will probably
sell it to the first guy to show up with a decent offer, whether that's Jim
Adney or some teenager with a bad driving record & no interest in auto
mechanics just into having a cool ride. Whoever buys the car could drive it
through tons of road !
lt (I love Michigan, don't you?)

, or wrap it around a tree, etc. Or they could take it to a so-called VW
shop, like the one I brought my first Square to, who told me "this car is
like a dinosaur- you can't find ANY parts for it. Forget about it!" ( I told
them "You're wrong! I've been on the Internet & I know otherwise..." this
was in '96...) Perhaps through poor maintainence, or worse advice, the car
is no longer roadworthy. It could sit for years, the target of neighborhood
kid's rocks, a home for rodents, etc. ( I've seen lots of old cars end up
this way- including a Square & a Ghia in my area, stubborn owners still
won't sell them, though they are way past restorable ). It could end up
getting junked & even crushed before a T3'er could pull any parts. ( Belive
it- there are not that many of us in the Rust Belt). I think you get the
picture. At least a custom car on a tubular frame won't likely end up
junked. I for one would rather have a built VW, Porsche, hell even Corvair
motor in/on a stock pan. Aft!
 you whup some Detroit butt at t
he stop light, you can take pride that you did it with a real VW, albeit a
souped up one. A VW on a tube frame, with a Chevy V8 is hardly any more a
VW, than say a Benz replicar on a VW pan is a Benz, IMHO. Again, all the
non-belivers will just think your car is fast 'cause it's sportin' a 'rat
motor'. Few fans of American cars realize how fast an ACVW can be made to
go, with a stock engine configuration. Well, I suppose I'm preaching to the
choir now...
So will one of you please buy this '66 Squareback? :>)
Again, I have no connection to the seller & that # again is 616-651-9259

'71 Variant
'72 parts
'73 engine

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