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Re: [T3] Nice Notches

Hey Bob and Marvin-

> << They look good, the one thats apart reminds me of what I did last year
>  this time. The blue one looks real good though, espesecially with the
>  wheels. What size tires are you running on the back? They look like
>  15s. I was wondering how close they fit since it sits just right.
>  Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
>  P.S. you can see my notch up in the air in the scrapbook. >>

FWIW, I purchased my '72 fasty with a set of 5.5" chrome-plated steel wheels
with 205/50/15 tires mounted on them (they're old and need replacing).  I'm
probably going to go slightly smaller, likely to a 195.  But, the 205 did
seem to fit nicely (although, admittingly, I really haven't checked to see
if they don't hit thoughout all the travel of the suspension yet...)

Oh, BTW Marvin, I haven't seen that kind of rim before... they're beautiful.
It's always nice to see something that looks so great and DIFFERENT :-)  As
nice as they are, the same BRM/911Fuchs/914Fuchs/Empi5/Empi8 alloys get old
after awhile... that's why I bought 914 Mahle (not Fuchs) alloys for my
Ghia - just to be different...

Take care,

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