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Re: [T3] window vent shades and wet feet

On 20 Aug 2001, at 9:56, Darren Raven wrote:

> Just a quick question about those metal vent shades that you can put
> at the top of the driver and passenger's windows.
> Are they designed to combat that condensation inside the car problem?
> I've noticed that my car quickly steams up in static traffic without
> the windows open  when it's raining outside. I'm guessing you can open
> your windows a fraction and not have to worry about getting yourself
> and the inside of the car wet whilst keeping your windows steam free.
> If this is so, anybody know where I can buy some for a '72 Square?

Unless the wind is really strong, you can still open up the windows 
1/4" without these shades. They used to be sold by J C Whitney, 
but I don't think I've seen them in a long time. You might be able to 
find used ones somewhere.

> Also I've checked through the back mail list but there's so much stuff
> to churn through about the feet wet problem when it rains. I've tried
> to find the drain hoses to check if they're clogged and I'm a bit
> confused as to where they might be. Are they part of the big plastic
> air system thing or are they somewhere else? It's just the left side
> that's getting wet just near the foot heater opening thing. My car is
> RHD btw if that makes thing different and there's no obvious rust
> anywhere near the problem...any suggestions on how to solve this
> problem would be great.

In 72 the drain hoses are: 1 just to the right of the plastic box, 
going up under the dash, and 1 short one coming out of the very 
bottom of the front of the plastic box draining straight forward.

You should also check inside the rear of the front wheelwell for 
rust, and to verify that there is a sealing grommet around the radio 
antenna wire.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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