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[T3] 69 BA4 Square for sale

My brother-in-law is selling his 1969 Squareback.  It is a very nice car and
has the rare and wonderful Type 4 BA4 gas heater.  It was originally diamond
blue and was repainted once in a colour quite close to original.  There is
no visible rust on the car, it has been lowered slightly and gets attention
wherever it goes.  The gas heater is not hooked up and I have not tested it
because there is an aftermarket exhaust installed.  (In the original setup a
fan connects to the upper heat exchangers.)  Since I have been told that it
could be dangerous to fire up the heater without the fan running I have not
attempted to do so.  Other than the upper heat exchangers the rest of the
heater arrangement is in place including the dash light, on/off switch,
heater, exhaust pipe and fan, plus all the underseat electrical components.
He is asking $4100 CNDN or about $2650 US.  I would buy it myself if I had
the cash!

The car is in Victoria BC Canada and I do have a few pictures.  I will take
some better ones when I have an opportunity.  If you have any questions
email me and I will put you in touch with the seller!


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