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Re: [T3] My front brake rotors turn with the pedal applied. HELP!

On 19 Aug 2001, at 8:02, Christopher  Stofer wrote:

> You did put them back on the same sides didn't you? (bleed valves on
> top?) 
> Please expand.  
> The bleed valves are on the bottom on my car.  I have not removed the
> calipers on the front, becasue the pads and rotors looked ok.  The
> previous owner had some front brake work done on it prior to my
> purchase.  Possibly they were installed incorrectly at that time and
> this is why I can not get a good bleed on my front brakes.

Since the air bubbles in the brake fluid will rise to the top, the bleed 
valves MUST be there, or the calipers will be impossible to bleed.

I have seen cars with these upside down, but you have to remove 
the caliper off and turn it upside down (actually rightside up) to 
bleed them.

If your bleed valves are both on the bottom you need to take them 
off and swap sides which will set things straight. Bleeding will 
suddenly make sense and start working.

This IS your problem, or at least a VERY big one if you have more 
than one.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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