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[T3] My front brake rotors turn with the pedal applied. HELP!

I have a 1966 VW fastback and am having trouble getting my front disc brakes
to work properly.  I will tell you what I have done to the brake system so
far.  I have replaced the rear drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, master
cylinder (conversion to dual circuit) and flexible brake lines at all four
corners.  Upon inspection, my front rotors and pad are in good condition.  

Prior to the dual circuit MC conversion I had front brake response and know
after bleeding the brakes, I can still turn the rotors by hand while the
brake pedal is pressed.  I know my rear brakes are working and adjusted
properly.  The brake pedal still goes ¸ to ˛ to the floor before getting
brake pressure.  

I noted while bleeding the front brakes, I only got a trickle of fluid, when
the bleeder value was released (both sides).  I thought there was something
wrong with the MC, so I disconnected the front brake line at the flexible
hose and pressed the pedal and fluid shot across the driveway.  

Could there be a massive amount of air in the 2nd circuit, which would not
allow the caliper to compress, requiring a ăbench bleedâ?  Possibly, my
calipers could be frozen, but this seems unlikely that both would freeze at
the same time and they worked prior to the MC conversion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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