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[T3] another reason why I like VW's

My wife drives a '95 Jeep Cherokee Sport. The other night about a mile from 
home she said it made a loud bang, like she had hit a pot hole. Upon raising 
the hood, I found that the right side motor mount had sheared the bolts. the 
car was 3000 miles out of warranty, and the dealer priced me $780 to R & R 
the engine.
I decided to do it myself. It took my son and I 2 hard days to pull the 
engine and put it back in. Most of this time was spent because the upper bell 
housing bolts are special Torx head bolts, and you couldn't get even the 
Torx's socket on them. It cost me $28 and much running around to find the 
right box end wrench.
Needless to say I put the engine back with just standard grade 8 bolts.

In the time we spent, we could have pulled the engine and trans from my Type 
3 and completely rebuilt them.
VW doesn't use any special bolts, or need special tools to just remove the 
engine from the car, and mostly to rebuild the engine.
Why can't modern cars be manufactured that way????????????
Maybe John J. can clue us in as to why they went to "Torx's" bolts and screws.

Thank you for letting me rant.....

Russ Wolfe

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