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Re: Type 3 Engines- PLEASE READ!!!

I think this was meant to be posted to the type 3 list:

On 16 Aug 2001, at 20:51, Matt M wrote:

> Hi. My name is Matt, and I was wondering something.
> You know when you open up the hood of your Type 3, and
> right off to the left hand side there are 2 small
> metal plates with tire inflation pressures + other
> good stuff on there? Well, today I was looking at mine
> and somewhere on the plate furthest to the left was
> the number 1400. At first I figured it was the engine
> size, but I don't think that VW ever came out with a
> 1400 Type 3 engine. Or did they??? 

You're right; there never was a 1400cc engine. It is likely the gross 
wt in kg.

> I have a squareback, listed as 1967, but since it was
> bought in a junk yard (I believe) and put together
> from many different-year parts, I am not sure of what
> year the engine is. Is there any way to tell the year
> the engine and chassis were made??? Thanks

Sure, post your chassis no. (VIN) and engine no. here, or go look 
at the vwtype3.org web site. Your VIN appears 3 places on your 
car, so you should check all of them, as they may be different.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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