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Re: shift problem solved

On 17 Aug 2001, at 8:15, Scott Taylor wrote:

> Thanks Russ and Jim for your advice on my gearchange problem. The shift
> coupler was the problem. My trans has always had a leak from the small
> trans case plugs just above the coupler. Over the years the leaking gear
> oil caused the rubber part of the coupler to disintegrate, leading to a
> bad case of gearshift roulette. This leads me to another question: does
> anyone know a good method of sealing or replacing these plugs without
> removing the trans? I'd hate to have to pull the trans to just to fix a
> leak but there's not much room to work up in there.

I don't quite remember what the plugs look like. Do they have a 
recessed hex socket in them? If so, you might be able to grind 
down an Allen wrench to slip in there and make sure they are tight.

If you are desperate, you could probably get the plug out with a 
chisel on the outer edge, then replace the gasket and put it back 
in. It might be smart to drain the gear oil first. ;-)

Do you not have a backup light switch? I never heard of the plugs 
leaking, but the switches leak occasionally.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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