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Re: [T3] clutch pedal and GL4

On 16 Aug 2001, at 22:54, Barry Viss wrote:

> Okay, its not the pedal assembly, it is just the cable in the tube.  When
> someone else operates the pedal while I grip the tube in back, I can feel
> that that is where it is coming from.  No it is not sawing through anything,
> and yes everything looks installed right...  The Bentley says to lubricate
> the cable with molybdenum grease when installing it, could it be this
> simple?  ("simple" being relative)

You're right, simple is relative, but this is usually not too hard. The 
3 hard parts are: geting the adjusting nut loose at the rear of the 
cable which often requires heating the wing nut, getting the rear 
end of the Bowden tube free from the transmission, and getting the 
pedal assembly out of the car.

Once you take all these parts out, the problem usually becomes 
pretty evident. 

> What does "Bowden housing" refer to?

The Bowden housing is the flexible housing around the cable, 
named after its inventor of the 19th century. By taking the reaction 
force while still being flexible, it allows all kinds of control cables 
which can now flex while still giving good control. The most visible 
uses are on bicycle hand brakes, but they are also used on lawn 
mower throttle cables and the throttle cables of most cars, 
including type 3s.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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