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Re: [T3] clutch pedal and GL4

> On 14 Aug 2001, at 23:46, Barry Viss wrote:
> > My clutch pedal feels like it needs to be lubricated somehow.
> It COULD be in the pedal assy, but it is more likely to be back
> where the cable comes out of the body and runs to the throwout
> bearing arm. Go under there and make sure that all those parts
> look properly installed. I have seen cars where the Bowden tube is
> not properly slipped over the steel tube that exits the body, leading
> to the cable slowly "sawin" its way thru the side of the tube.
> Check the Bowden housing to make sure that it hasn't been
> crimped, bent, damaged in some way.

Okay, its not the pedal assembly, it is just the cable in the tube.  When
someone else operates the pedal while I grip the tube in back, I can feel
that that is where it is coming from.  No it is not sawing through anything,
and yes everything looks installed right...  The Bentley says to lubricate
the cable with molybdenum grease when installing it, could it be this
simple?  ("simple" being relative)
What does "Bowden housing" refer to?

Barry Viss
'68 Square

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