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[T3] Horn STILL doesnt work properly(sorta long)

Hey all, well, I still cant get this darn horn to work right, I know the horn is good because everytime I turn the ignition on it goes off. So I figure its grounding out somewhere. When I pull the connecters on the brown wire (the connecter is a brown piece of clear plastic that is marked with a two so are the wires) apart that go in near the steering column it stops, so I'm assuming up till there the wire is intact, and not grounding out, because I took the wire and grounded it out and the horn again went off. The grounding wire from the horn ring to the steering box coupler(previosly mention in another post) is now fixed and good, also the plastic bushings and washers on the horn ring are still in place and good. So this leaves me where, inside of the steering column(my column is loose and moves around, have been looking for the piece with the breakaway nuts, but everyone who says they have one for me drops off the face of the earth). Is there anywhere inside the column that!
 any of you can think of that this might be grounding out at PLEASE HELP.

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