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Re: [T3] re type 4 install

Hey Neil-

> well ccd my heads today only quick mind 2ltr sqr port heads came out at 56
> ml i think i am correct in saying ml is the same as cc yea i only had a 5
> syringe you see.

Yup, ml=cc.  Sounds like you have a similar "expensive" head cc tool, just
like mine... mine consists of a freebie CD I got in the mail cut by tinsnips
until it fit into the head with a little vaseline on the periphery of the
underside and a 5ml syringe I got free at the local drug store that I fill
with motor oil and put into the hole in the middle of the CD :-)  But, hey,
it works!

>    the piston dish on the bus pistons was 11 ml.

Wow, that's a big dish...

Here's some numbers for ya:
56cc head, 11cc dish, 94.5mm bore, 71mm stroke, 0.035" (0.90mm) deck -
56cc head, 0cc dish, 94mm bore, 71mm stroke, 0.035" (0.90mm) deck - 8.93:1
56cc head, 0cc dish, 94mm bore, 71mm stroke, 0.060" (1.53mm) deck - 8.40:1
56cc head, 5cc dish (for valve pockets...), 94mm bore, 71mm stroke, 0.035"
(0.90mm) deck - 8.34:1

If you want over 9:1 (which my humble personal opinion thinks is a little
too high for that head/cyl seal to last...), you're going to have to think
of something else... :-(

>    as per the later vw tecnical bullitin i shall not be running the head
> gasket copper ring things

Exactly - ditch the non-functioning seal and the paper thing on the bottom
and replace with RTV and a shim...

> and will be grinding my cylinders in a la t3 style

What do you mean by this?

>    i got some spare vales that im gonna weld cutting edgs on and cut some
> small valve pockets if i need to in the top of the pistons this will more
> than likely be the case!

Sounds like fun!  Are the crowns of the Mahle's thick enough to do that?

>    the hynes says you adjust hydros till no lash and then only one turn
> interestin!

Very interesting indeed!

BTW, Bob Donalds of Boston Engine told me that he is so adamant about the
1/4-1/2 turn thing that he called up Bentley and convinced them to change
the spec in the new CD manual...

My ultra-conservative been-there-gotten-screwed-like-that manual in my head
says "1/2 turn is too much!"  :-)

>    0.035 deck is very tight how did you check your valves had enough
> clearance.  a good safe clearance seems to be .050".

Well, I did it kinda in the reverse order from what you should.  I took the
advice of an engine builder and set it up like that.  I was doing a
conversion to hydro in the process, but had a set of old solid lifters, too.
With the pistons, cylinders, and heads already on, I put in two solid
lifters, two pushrods, and a rocker arm setup onto one cylinder.  Then, I
set clearance to zero and rotated everything through, stopping near the high
points and trying to screw in the adjuster even more.  It went a good amount
still with no added resistence, enough to let me trust the builder.  If I
were building a unique setup, I'd be doing quite a bit more math on it :-)

>    i work in metric as it is the way these engines were designed it feels
> alien to use inches with them .

Yah... we have a silly double standard on everything.... we can say
195/60/15 tires, pushing 94mm pistons with 5.5" rods on a 78mm crank with
2.000" rod journals :-)

>    im very happy with my brakes too its just getting close to a disc swap
> and new pads anyway. im on silicone fluid but thats another story and ive
> never looked back.

I haven't done anything non-stock to my Ghia brakes yet... I'm in the
process of figuring out where budget and desire meet on that one right now
:-).  My Fasty brakes I'll leave alone for awhile - it will *only* get a 914
2.0 engine.

Take care,

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