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[T3] Hi idles - Resolution

I wanted to thank those who helped me to walk through what was causing my idle to be high
in my squareback.  It ended up being the Air Pressure Regulator (APR).  

Actually, after fiddling with the car to no avail I took it to the mechanic near my house
where I took my beetle when I had it.  (I set a date and all work I didn't complete by
that date went to the mechanic.)  He look at the engine running and pulled the air hose
to the APR from the intake manifold, blocked the intake manifold with his thumb and the
idle dropped to normal.  I never even looked at the APR.  I must have missed that step
somewhere along my diagnostic way.  I'll blame my being new to the Type 3 world. 
Regardless, I feel dumb for missing that step.

But to answer an earlier question from Jim Adney, I have mainly a 72 engine, the
distributor is from an earlier car with only ONE vacuum hose into the dizzy.

I took the car to the mechanic, they had a used APR, installed it and it's running fine. 
While I dropped it off they checked the brakes and turn signals and now they are just
waiting for the emergency flasher relay to arrive by mail.

Thanks again for your help.  Now that mechanically the car is on it's way.  I can work on
removing the old undercoating that is chipping off and prep the car for a new
undercoating and some POR15.


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