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Re: [T3] Lesson learned

Along the same lines, be careful of hot items on the engine!  Sounds stupid,
huh?  Yah... then maybe I'm just thickheaded at times...

1.  I was driving my grandpa's bug (he's owned it new with A/C since '71
:-), but he'd installed a crappy gen. pulley at one time.  It dug into the
gen casing, ground some material away, and froze.  Then, it snapped the
belt.  I notice the big G light (gee, so that's what that snap was about 30
seconds ago!) and quickly dart over to the side of the road.  I see a
snapped belt, and figure that I'm fine: I have a spare.  After pulling off
one half of the pulley, I realize that the gen is frozen.  But, just to
double check, I grab the shank with my thumb and forefinger to try and turn
it.  What an idiot - I got the threads of the shank engraved into my
fingers!  Luckily it eventually healed and the scars went away...

2.  Here's the really stupid stuff.  Empty your engine oil when hot, right?
So, I do it right after a drive, and I burn my arm on the muffler trying to
get to the oil drain plug.  The bad part is that I heard my skin sizzling
before I actually felt it... I still have a slight discoloration on my arm
from that.  Lesson learned?  No.  Later, I thought I had a little oil leak.
One day, after a long drive, I leave the engine on and try to look for
dripping.  To get a better look at the pushrod tubes, I slide my head very
carefully under my Ghia to inspect.  I also slide it out carefully.  Then, I
turn off the engine and repeat the above procedure, but I'm not as careful
sliding out and I got another familiar sizzle - this time between my left
cheek and chin.  I babied it and used lots of Vitamin E - everything came
out fine and there is no scar.  But what a moron!

> Also, never, EVER!, sit on a lawn mower engine to hold it down while your
> friend starts it up...jeans make a very poor insulator against a person's
> butt...
>     Toby Erkson
>     air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
> >-----Original Message-----
> >Hal Sullivan wrote:
> >
> >> Never drop a starter on your nose.
> >
> >I should add the following info: If you are laying under the car and
> >lift the top ball joint out of the steering knucle, then the steering
> >knuckle will swing down and the threads on the spindle will
> >cut marks on
> >your nose.
> >
> >I learnt this the hard way.
> >
> >Henrik Larsson
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