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Re: Thermostat/Oil Cooler (long... but maybe useful...)

Hey Simon- 

> I've been out and had a look at my two1969 magnesium Type4 "V" series 
> (one in the car and the other not) and both cases have two small seams on the 
> of each crankcase half, both left and right.  I have also checked on an 
> "AP" series Type4 engine (1974-1975 twin-carb Transporters) and it also has 
> seams across the top of each crankcase half.  I had never noticed them 

On both halves?  That's interesting... On the late bus "CB" case I have in my 
garage there are no transverse seams on the very top of the left case half.  
I'll inspect my 1973 914 2.0 "GA" case tomorrow morning.  I also have a dead 
early 914 1.7 "EA" case in CA that I can check on.  The other couple I have 
available to me are in IL. 

> (2) 
> I have always wondered what alloy the 1600 "CT" and "CZ"(M240) cases were 
> of.  Now, it really surprises me to hear that they are magnesium.  Because 
> are significant casting differences with these cases compared to the normal 
> Type1/Type2 cases (such as for the hydraulic tappets and the full-flow oil 
> filter), I would have thought that Volkswagen AG would have taken the 
> use aluminium in what was then a new engine and especially as these two 
> ("CT" and "CZ") were designed exclusively for the Type 24 and Type 25 
> and likely to get hot and have to work very hard. 

I know very little about these (never seen one with my own eyes), but just 
found a great reference on the web: 
It has much more than I ever knew about them :-). 

It does seem odd that they didn't use aluminum here.  In my mind, that seems to 
support the idea that indeed it is cheaper for VW to cast a magnesium alloy 
case than an aluminum one, but I dunno. 

> (4) 
> Now, regarding AS21 and AS41 castings, I understand that AS21 alloy cases 
> less magnesium in them) were generally used for fuel injection Type1 engines 
> Beetle "AJ" series 1974-1980).  Was this also the case with fuel injection 
> motors such as the "U" and "X" series cases?  (I understand, too, that Gene 
> did not recommend rebuilding AS41 engines because they were too soft.) 

I once knew the changeover years for the alloys, but I forget them now.  
Tomorrow at work I'll dig around for some data on these alloys... that might be 

Thanks for the groovy info! 

Take care, 

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