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Re: [T3] t: Re: Thermostat/Oil Cooler (long... but maybe useful...)

Hey Dan- 

> yup - it was there....it' s one of my "crowning achievements" <if you will>. 
> To the casual observer....everything is there....could almost be 
> stock....then...hmmm..somethin' looks a little different. 

It's fun, isn't it?  I've popped open my Ghia's decklid a few times to 
uninformed people and get responses like "dual carbs?  whoa!"  Then, they ask 
about that weird third pulley.  Only if they keep looking do they realize that 
the engine block looks a little funny... 

> Too bad the piece of crap 96mm Mark Stephens P's&C's didn't stay round...:( 
> once I get then bug motor done I have to break down the notch motor and do a 
> rebuild.... 

D'oh!  Mark Stephens... um... sucks :-).  It took him going out of business  
three times to realize this.  If you want 96mm, then here's the best way to do 
it: get a good used set of original 94mm cylinders and send them to Rimco to 
open them up to 96mm.  Then, call up JE and get pistons and rings made for you. 

Or, if you like, there are a couple other options that I could help you on.  I 
have a never-used set of 103mm pistons, rings, and cylinders that I'm trying to 
sell.  It came with an engine I purchased, but I don't want them.  The pistons 
are forged TRW.  I could probably sell you this set for less than the above 
method of getting a good 96mm set would cost.  I don't know what your budget is 
like, but if you want the ultimate set of pistons, cylinders, and studs that 
cool better (i.e. reduce the heat load on the heads), seal better at the 
cyl/head interface (thanks to like expansion rates and superior stud design), 
and last longer (can use less piston/cyl clearance than a cast iron cylinder, 
plus the plating is very wear resistant), you can purchase one of my 101.6mm 
nikasil-plated aluminum cylinder and forged piston sets.  It's the best thing 
there is... it's like a T4 version of a 911, only without the useless Dilavar 
studs... but it is more expensive.  Let me know if you're interested in either 
of these options... 

> << as it not yet installed or am I mistaken? 
>  If so, my apologies... d'oh! >> 
> 50 lashes with a Bosch plug wire for you........;D 

I've been so bad that a little 7mm wire won't even do it.  Give me an 8.5mm 
Jacobs wire.  Give me maximum spark! 

This is getting bad... :-) 

Take care, 

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