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Re: [T3] At wits end

On 15 Aug 2001, at 17:21, Bryan Mitchell wrote:

>  Ive about had it with my FI.
>  Ive never had so much trouble before. It is a 71
> square auto.

> Situation is basicly the same , slow accelleration,
> rough idle, pulsing idle, stalling, bogging down when
> you first accellerate the catching up with its self.
>  My points are good and gapped correct, timing is
> correct, valves, trigger contacts , fuel pump,
> pressure sensor, pressure switch, injectors, injector
> seals , cap, rotor, coil, all good. I robbed the pump
> ,switch, sensor and trigger contacts off of my 71
> fasty that runs perfect and nothing has changed.

Have you used a timing light to verify that BOTH the vacuum and 
mechanical advances are working? Have you measured the 
charging system regulating voltage? (It should be above 14 V at the 
battery at med rpm with the engine warmed up.)

> I noticed that when the ignition is turned on but
> motor is not running that the #4 and #2 injectors fire
> rapidly when teh gas lever on the intake manafold is
> accelerated. Is this normal?

This is almost correct and normal. The injector wires on one side of 
your engine are swapped. The Grey caps go to the rear. Once you 
get this corrected you should get #1 & 4 to trigger together and if 
you rotate the dist into a different position you will get #3 & 2 to do 
the same.

I doubt if this has caused your symptoms, but I would straighten it 
out first.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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