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Re: [T3] re type 4 install

Hey Neil- 

> chalk me up as about too fit t4 power in my sqr its completely broken down 
> with the case split apart the cam was completely mashed as a lot are but its 
> a good case for a strong rebuild using a web 163 grind cam 40 dells some 
> form of j tubes (easier said than done with sqr port 2ltr heads)merged bus 
> header and either a big motorbike rear box (nice chrome) or a twin quiet (to 
> keep next door happy) 

Square port heads, eh?  Sounds like fun... 

If you're going to the QP, get a single.  The dual doesn't help performance, 
but the split right after the four runners merge does hurt it a bit. 

>      should have a solid 100bhp when im finished with it . 

Easily, but likely more.  What CR? 

>      im junking the 94.5 bus piston and barrels in favour of some flat top 
> 94 for the 914 . 

You have a set of factory rebuild pistons and cylinders?  That's a neat momento 
to keep around for fun! 

Are these from a high-CR, European "GB" engine?  The OEM 914 2.0 pistons on the 
"GA" engines used in the US (I've seen both Mahle and Kolbenschmidt) weren't 
flat top - they were dished.  Dunno about the "GB" ones... but curious...  
Also, make sure you measure the ring sizes - 914 and bus used different ring 
sizes on the 94mm piston. 

It depends on how high a CR you want, but if I were you, I'd use dished pistons 
and reduce the deck height.  Having a very small deck height at the periphery 
of the cylinder makes for a better burn, yielding more power and better gas 

> also junking the hydro set up and using  solid lifters with 
> cro moly pushrods and to stop my valves floating into my pistons twin 
> springs. 

Twin springs, groovy.  If you dislike the hydro lifters and want to run solid, 
then make sure you have good, RADIUSED solid lifters or else you'll end up with 
another flat camshaft.  Also, check the relief valve on the right-hand side of 
the case.  I know that the aftermarket HIGHLY recommends that the relief valve 
here should be held closed for hydraulic conversions - check and see if is a 
spring or a rod in there.  The chromoly pushrods you have... I'm curious - are 
those just the stock hydraulic ones? 

BTW, if you still need a set of solid lifters, let me know.  I have a brand 
new, in the box set of performance Webcam lifters (they are radiused).  I was 
planning to return them to Webcam at loss for restocking so I could get some 
nice hydraulic parts, but if you want them I could sell them to you and save 
you a few bucks. 

Take care, 

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