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RE: [T3] Bentley

Oh well, I was just lacking in sense of humor for a minute :)  In any case,
I've got a Bentley and a "How to restore your 914" on order (I'm installing
a 1.7) and a Haynes on hand.
If anyone knows of any reliable websites for Type4 conversions, etc. please
chime in.  Thanks to all for suggestions and comments.


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Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 3:09 PM
To: Edenfield Justin D CONT BATH
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	Eh? Woops!

	The original person used the word "lacking" in the
least-commonly-used sense.

	Per, who I presume is not a native speaker of English, responded
in a manner which indicated that he was parsing the word "lacking"
according to one of its more frequently-used definitions.  (He was
commenting on what the *Bentley* was lacking, which is not what the
original poster had meant.)

	I saw the confusion, and made a quick post w/ the reference.
Perhaps I should have responded just to Per with an explanation of the
nearly-idiomatic usage.

	Perhaps I'm the one who's lacking...


On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Edenfield Justin D CONT BATH wrote:

> Nice way to think of list members who have not seen a Bentley and may not
> have realized that it was for only '68-'73.  They may have missed an email
> or 2 that said that.  I know I don't read all the posts.  I may read even
> less now.  I have been meaning to say something the last couple of times
> (Greg) have come back with a smart-a$$ answer, but have held back.  If you
> are only joking, that's different, but you don't specify and we all know
> that "intent" can't be discerned from email.
> ---
> Justin
> http://edenfieldjd.tripod.com
> '95 CBR9 FeRRari red masquerading as a '93
> '84 XR200R RFVC
> '71 Type 3 Squareback

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