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Re: [T3] Engine starting kit

Hey Don- 

> I have an order in for an engine starting kit with RMMW, and they have put me 
> off once again. I've been waiting for two months. What I need is somewhere to 
> buy a kit  to start my engines without installing them in a car. It's RMMW 
> part no. VL16-001, two pages from the end of their catalog. I have some 
> 12-volt and some 6-volt engines that I need to use this part on, especially 
> the three 6-volt engines sitting out front in my shop. 

I don't know how proficient with fabrication you are, but here's an idea: get 
an old tranny, preferably a 12V one that will fit a 200mm flywheel in it.  It 
doesn't matter how destroyed the gears themselves are (one with a junked 
reverse is a good candidate :-).  Remove everything from the tranny case and 
set aside/dispose.  Include in that pile the nosecone and the intermediate gear 
housing, so all you have left is the bellhousing and differential carrier case 
piece.  Then, make a stand from steel stock to hold the empty case in the air.  
Some easy mounting places are the rear tranny mounts and/or the studs that used 
to hold on the side covers.  Put some rubber pads at the four corners of the 
stand to isolate vibration from the ground and you're done!  You probably can 
make one for less cash that is better than the one you've been waiting on RMMW 

I plan to do the same thing in the not-too-distant future. 

Take care, 

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