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Re: Thermostat/Oil Cooler (long... but maybe useful...)

Hey Jim- 

> > > The other reason why I do not understand why Volkswagen AG still 
> > > persists with magnesium alloy in Type1/Type2 cases is that the very 
> > > first Type 4 engine (the 1969 "V" series which I have in my 1969 411) is 
> > > made of magnsium alloy just like the Type1/Type2 (and Type3) cases. 
> How do you know your case is Mg? Does it actually look different, 
> or do you just know that the 69 cases were Mg? 

I've heard and wondered about the rumored "magnesium T4" for some time, but 
never knew what cars they were installed on.  Porsche also tried magnesium 
cases on the 911 for a short period of time (on the 2.7L I think???), but got 
tired of studs being pulled.  Of course, that was also due to poor stud 
engineering... (design secrets being withheld :-). 

I just did a search, and found where I found the "rumor" in the first place: 

If Simon has a V case, the rumors are true!  :-) 

A little OT:  Aluminum sure polishes better than magnesium... I saw a T4 in a 
Notch once that looked beautiful.  He painted the tins to match the car and 
polished the top of the case - how neat.  Although polishing the top of the 
case doesn't really effect cooling (bottom can arguably due to the sump fins), 
the lack of any ducting from the air passages in the body to the fan inlet sure 
did... <sigh> 

Take care, 

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