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Re: Thermostat/Oil Cooler (long... but maybe useful...)

Hey Toby- 

> Okay, it appears you've been working with these engines, in depth, for 
> time.  Care to update us on your VW life and any job-related education 
> example, Russ was a VW mechanic and now works at Mahle Parr, Jim A. is a 
> physicist (or damn close) and has been working on T3's for God-knows how 
> many years, John J. is a composite engineer for Ford, I just sit here and 
> try to absorb it all :) 

Well, I am an engineer.  That's not too bad. 

But, here comes the embarrassing part... 

Although I already have some rather interesting and complex projects behind me, 
I'm still a lowly undergrad at Northwestern University (double major in 
mechanical and chemical engineering).  Just about all of my IC engine 
experience, of which 95%+ comes from toying with VW's, came from the last five 
years of having this VW obsession, er, "hobby."  Makes me seem pretty puny 
compared to the 25yr+ mechanics, eh? 

I don't pretend to know everything, quite frankly because I don't :-)  But, I 
do know a little bit. 

I've delved into a wide variety of VWs over the years, although I've only 
actually put two of them to my own name.  One is my red 1971 Karmann Ghia coupe 
that I've had since I was 15 - it's a sports touring car and I drive it as 
such!  Twice a year, I go on 2500-3500mi road trips with it to travel from So. 
CA ("home") to IL (school).  The other is my silver 1972 Fastback that I just 
purchased in May.  I haven't gotten a chance to do anything with it, but will 
begin work once I replace my 2.0L T4 Ghia engine with a 2.6L T4 engine 
(planning on a December completion time).  It will be my "practical" car - you 
know, the VW you can actually carry people in :-)  The 2.0L T4 from my Ghia 
should push the fasty along fine... 

Take care, 

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