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Re: [T3] type 4 engine install (2 questions)

Hey Kris-

I'll be doing a similar conversion myself sometime in the not-too-distant
future - it'll be a modified 2.0 914 (w/ the proper heads :-) into a

> Hello all, I just aquired a 1.7 liter engine from a
> 914, question 1, does a intake bellows need to be used
> since the is a heat shield below the intake fan?

Yes!  Look for a 411/412 and get the pieces from them.  The heat shield does
no more than the heat shield atop the stock T3 muffler - you will suck in
hot air if you don't do something different.  The 914 and the late bus had
sealed engine compartments similar to a bug, so this wasn't necessary.
Also, it's a good thing you got a 914 and not a bus engine - the bus shroud
makes it VERY difficult to set ignition timing once in the T3...

> question 2, what kind or rear mount should i use,
> since its from a 914, i dont see a mount on it, will a
> bus mount brackt bolt up? Thank You. Kris Taylor.

Yes, a 1972-79 bus mount bolts right up.  Note that this will require a bit
of fabrication since the T3 isn't initially designed to hold that kind of
bracket.  There is another option: the early 411 has a different kind of
mount that looks just like a T3 mount, only with the engine mounting part
itself a little different.  However, finding these may prove a bit
difficult - it may be easier to modify the bus mount than anything else.

(for those who don't know, bus and late 411/412 setups are nearly identical
and are designed for the bracket to hard mount to the chassis and soft
mount, i.e. with rubber pads, to the engine - the exact opposite of the T3
and the early 411.  The 914 uses different pieces but is similar in design
to the bus type.)

Take care,

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