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Re: [T3] My engine rebuild so far

> You don't want the sealer to take up ANY space, so if you let it set 
> up too long the case halves will be farther apart than they were 
> when the case was line bored. Thus the bores will be neither round 
> nor the right size

I used a very thin coat of this very thin liquid sealer. I let it set 
as long as it takes to put the halves together.
I hope it is acceptable. My last rebuild ...I think I did the same,
the results were highly satisfactory.

I have installed the crank, cam and dist as Russ explained in 
his last e-mail.

Did you get anything balanced? CW crank? Full flow filter?

> Did you find someone with an assortment of cams to let you try? 
> Did you then put each one in and rotate them until you found one 
> that was not loose but would not lift from the case when you turned 
> the crank? If so, you should be fine.

Yeah the machine shop that sold me the hydraulic cam, had literally 
hundreds of cams and gears organized in an orderly manner.
He knew precisely what to do and did it for me. I verified the fit too.



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