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Re: [T3] My engine rebuild so far

On Monday 13 August 2001 14:54, Martinez, Leon wrote:

> I just have an itch in my brain on the timing , maybe I did good but
> want assurance. Is there a better way to do this ? Did I miss anything ?
> I do not wish to screw up this time, now that I found my previous
> gear problem.
A trick used by VW mechanics in the shop while assembling engines to get the 
distributor gear set right.

 When disassembling the engine, do not loosen the distributor clamp at the 
distriutor. Just remove the nut that holds the clamp to the case.
Put the distributor and drive gear into the case the first thing. Now when 
you set the assembled carnk back in the case, put it in so that #1 rod is in 
the TDC position. this will time the distributor with TDC #1.
Now rotate the crank 1/4 turn, so the cam timing marks  on the crank gear are 
lined up with the cam, and install the cam shaft as shown in the books.
Gently turn the crank back to TDC #1, and continue with putting the other 
half of the case together as normal.
Now you have the crank, cam, AND the distributor all timed. If the timing was 
right when you tore it down, It will be exactly the same when you get ready 
to start it. (within a degree or 2).

Russ Wolfe

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