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Re: [T3] Exhaust gaskets

On Monday 13 August 2001 11:38, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 13 Aug 2001, at 15:34, Henrik Larsson wrote:

> > Is it really worth the job to replace the muffler with another that only
> > has one year left?
> I'll actually be disappointed if I only get a year out of it2-3 is more
> likely. Still, I have reused mufflers that were much worse. I would
> feel completely different about this if they were commonly available
> and cheap, but they haven't been made anywhere for the last 15
> years and will only become more scarce.
> I encourage everyone to think carefully about how we should deal
> with finite resources. This is only a very local example of it that
> brings the concept home. I realize that for most of us this concept
> is totally alien; we assume that as long as we have money we will
> be able to buy whatever we want....
I specifically bought my parts car to get the used muffler off it. That was 
the first thing I looked at in the salvage yard. that and the FI pump (it was 
gone.)  The cost of the car was a LOT less then the cost of a new muffler, 
plus I got all the other goodies that I have salvaged off it, for myself, and 
other people on the list. Nothing wrong with used parts if they are in good 
shape, and you can get some milage out of them.
And yes Jim, the Brillo Pads have been working fine for about the past year. 
I haven't had a leak. I think I bought them at a local O'reillies parts 
store. They were under the Felpro brand name.
The orginal donuts were asbestos. Then they went to a graphite type compound. 
I still have a few of the 36hp donuts around in my junk box.

Russ Wolfe

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