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Re: [T3] My engine rebuild so far

On 13 Aug 2001, at 12:54, Martinez, Leon wrote:

>  I have used Gasgaginch type sealer on both halves of the case
>  until tacky and then bolted them together. 

You don't want the sealer to take up ANY space, so if you let it set 
up too long the case halves will be farther apart than they were 
when the case was line bored. Thus the bores will be neither round 
nor the right size

> Did I miss anything ? I've done this before but I am just unsure of 
> cam to crank to dist relationship. I made sure the crank was set to # 1
> compression stroke while the dist and gear is set to #1. I then placed 
> the crank gear dimples to the case halve center then placed the 
> cam gear between the two crank gear dimples. Is this correct ?

As long as the 2 dimples fall between each other that is correct. 
Then you have to get the dist drive gear installed right so that it is 
correct for a type 3. Once it is in correctly, put the distributor in, 
too. This will keep the drive gear from being pushed up and jammed 
by the motion of the crank as you turn it to install other stuff.

> I just have an itch in my brain on the timing , maybe I did good but
> want assurance. Is there a better way to do this ? Did I miss anything ?

You DOseem to have the right attitude. ;-) This is certainly the time 
to find and correct any oversights.

Did you get anything balanced? CW crank? Full flow filter?

> I do not wish to screw up this time, now that I found my previous 
> gear problem.

Did you find someone with an assortment of cams to let you try? 
Did you then put each one in and rotate them until you found one 
that was not loose but would not lift from the case when you turned 
the crank? If so, you should be fine.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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