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[T3] My engine rebuild so far

I have placed the crank cam and hydraulic lifters in the case.
I have tightened my case. I painted my case with some industrial 
black machine paint. I have greased everything with white lithium
grease. I have primed my hydraulic lifters, torqued/loctited my rods
Made sure everything was balanced and super cleaned. I have also 
installed my after market 26mm pump made for flat cam gear, this just
clears the shroud. I was careful to set the crank/cam and
dist to correct time. I then turned the crank to see the # 1 exhaust
valve cam lobe goes up with the # 1 rod after this.

 I have used Gasgaginch type sealer on both halves of the case
 until tacky and then bolted them together. I used permatex sealant
for the cam cover. I will now put some black epoxy type sealant on the 
outside  of the case on top of the paint. This stuff is as tough as epoxy
but can be peeled off, this makes a better seal , keeps oil from leaking 
from the more open areas.

Did I miss anything ? I've done this before but I am just unsure of 
cam to crank to dist relationship. I made sure the crank was set to # 1
compression stroke while the dist and gear is set to #1. I then placed 
the crank gear dimples to the case halve center then placed the 
cam gear between the two crank gear dimples. Is this correct ?

I just have an itch in my brain on the timing , maybe I did good but
want assurance. Is there a better way to do this ? Did I miss anything ?

I do not wish to screw up this time, now that I found my previous 
gear problem.



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