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On 13 Aug 2001, at 10:45, Phil Castro wrote:

> I'm really curious as to what good the thermostat is
> on our cars.  Wouldn't it just make sense to leave the
> flaps wide open and let the air blow through all the
> time as hard as possible?

What it boils down to is the fact that you really don't want max 
cooling ALL the time. 90% of engine wear occurs during warmup. 
Leaving off the flaps prolongs the warmup and maximizes engine 

> Also, on my car the air intake system has two huge
> holes on either side under the rear fenders (probably
> from gravel and the like getting launched in there. 
> Is it neccesary to patch this or will the car run okay
> eithout them being patched.  I NEVER plan on driving
> my car off road if that helps.

If you never get out in dusty areas this will probably never come 
back to haunt you, but in general you would like clean cooling air 
because dirt will clog up the cooling passages in the engine and oil 
cooler. These all get filled to some extent over time, but the slower 
that happens the better.

> Also, does anybody have any experience with a more
> heavy-duty oil cooling setup...?...I plan on driving
> my baby a lot over long distances and think this would
> be a great addition.  Basically what I'm looking for
> is what system will fit and which is best.  I've eyed
> CIP and MESA kits, but I don't know if they are for
> T3's....?

You can certainly add more cooling, but if the engine is stock you 
don't need it. Concentrate on making sure that ALL your cooling 
system parts are in place and working properly. The stock engine 
will drive all day long in 112F weather. Keep in mind that the engine 
is designed to run with a cooling air outlet temp of ~165F and 
anything cooler than this is not good. You really want it fully 
warmed up, not too warm and not too cool.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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