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The system IS essential!

Leave them, they allow debris that comes in the outside vents to be
expelled.  Squirt water from a hose into the outside vents and you'll see
the water drain out of them.

READ and LOOK at what I've done:
Mesa is far better than any tube-and-fin style.  Worth the cost!
   Toby Erkson
   '72 VW Squareback 1.6L bored and stroked to 2.0L, Berg five-speed
   '95 VW Jetta III GL 2.0L, P-Chipped, Jamex sport suspension
   Portland, Oregon, http://www.icbm.org/

>-----Original Message-----
>I'm really curious as to what good the thermostat is
>on our cars.  Wouldn't it just make sense to leave the
>flaps wide open and let the air blow through all the
>time as hard as possible?
>Also, on my car the air intake system has two huge
>holes on either side under the rear fenders (probably
>from gravel and the like getting launched in there. 
>Is it neccesary to patch this or will the car run okay
>eithout them being patched.  I NEVER plan on driving
>my car off road if that helps.
>Also, does anybody have any experience with a more
>heavy-duty oil cooling setup...?...I plan on driving
>my baby a lot over long distances and think this would
>be a great addition.  Basically what I'm looking for
>is what system will fit and which is best.  I've eyed
>CIP and MESA kits, but I don't know if they are for

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