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Re: Fwd: Re: [T3] too much mind time

Hey Jim-

> On 11 Aug 2001, at 12:23, sml214@casbah.it.northwestern.edu wrote:
> > The T3 runners for #1 and #2 are slightly longer than those for #3 and
#4.  I
> > thought it was odd, too, and tried to put them side-by-side to see if
they made
> > up the length elsewhere, but didn't see anything like that...
> Okay, I went and looked and it looks like you could be right, but
> even if this is the case, the difference is so slight that I can't
> imagine that it matters. Kind of like worrying about where your
> muffler clamps onto the heat exchangers when you install a tuned
> exhaust.
> My guess is that the difference is 1/8" or less, which really can't be
> significant when the tube diameter is ~1".

Only 1/8"?  I thought it was more like 1" or so... <shrug>  Also, I believe
that the diameter is closer to 1.25" (I know the OD is slightly over 1.25",
making silicone 1.25" hose a cheap, easily available, and good replacement
for the stock boots).

Whatever the case, it really doesn't matter.  For a low-performance 1600
that is restricted in other ways, 1/8" or even perhaps 1" difference is no
big deal.  You're better off changing the exhaust and (somehow) enlarging
the throttle body before tuning the runners just right.

Take care,

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