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Re: type3-d Digest V01 #489

i'm having a constant problem  in keeping my type 3 alive (72 square).
the car had been converted to dual carbs and was lowered before i purchased 
the problem seems to be with my fuel and starting the car.
i'm an extreme novice at repairs, but have dealt with this problem quite a 
few times in the past couple of months. initially, i thought that it was my 
accelerator cable or pedal. nope.
they work fine. the problem had been that BOTH carbs were loose and there 
was air getting in there.
so, i tigthen and it works fine. a few weeks later i smell gas, heavy odor. 
the fuel lines were old and cracked; on the right side carb, fuel was 
dripping at the point where the fuel line connected to the carb.
not good. so, i replace the fuel lines and clamps. great, works again.
saturday, the car dies again, i check all of the connections but don't know 
what to do-
the car turns over and wants to start, but there is no gas flowing through.
have to call AAA for the fourth time in three months for a tow, this sucks.
the tow guy tries to figure it out, checks the fuel filter, sucks out some 
gas with his mouth, but can't solve the problem.
so, i don't know what the next step is. do i get the car towed to my vw 
mechanic (who i've paid appx. $5k bucks in repairs on my other vw (73 
super), or can someone here give me advice / suggestions?
cash flow is low right now and i'd love to do this myself.
thank you in advance.
shawn barber
72 sqareback
73 super beetle

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