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SV: [T3] body work question

I'm at this very point, too, in my rust-o-ration operation. Fenders are off
and interior is out.

My inner fenders also looks like John's. All seam sealings are cracked
allover and the gunk is slowly peeling off. Underneath the former seam
sealing there is various grades of surface rust. 
I was planning to remove it all, take the body to the sandblasting shop,
then paint the treated areas with some rust protecting paint like Corroless
or POR-15, and then put rust protection wax all over it.
Am I overdoing it? Is there any good penetrating rust protector that is
useful in those weld seams?

I still have to weld up some small holes in the lower parts of the rear
wheel wells. The pan and the rockers seems fine, both in- and outside. Only
that if I look inside the rockers through the inspection holes along the
inside, I can see surface rust along the bottom part that is bolted to the
pan, and of course around the heat air openings down at the A-pillar. No
rust-through, as far as I can see, but I'm not sure.

Should I go all the way and do a body-off job now, while I'm at it, or can I
settle with a brush-out-and-rust-protect job for the time being. I plan to
do a full repaint (professionally done, windows out etc), and I fear that I
will mess that up if the rockers need to be welded underneath sometime in
the near future. 
Is it possible to do a body-off job whitout damaging paint and interior?   

/Karl-Olov Sandin
-73 Squareback FI, Sumatra green
…rnskšldsvik, Sweden

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FrŚn: john r [mailto:vwfasty@yahoo.com]
Skickat: den 12 augusti 2001 01:22
Till: type3@vwtype3.org
€mne: [T3] body work question

Pulling fenders today, getting ready for body work. 
My question is regarding the caulk/sealant between the
inner fender and the interior body.  mine is cracked, 
loose and a little rusty.  I scraped all the old out,
I will wire brush it, and give it some corroless.  Do
I need to replace the caulk/sealant, if so what do I
use.  The last picture at the link below is taken of
area I am talking about.  Also check out the picture I
took just after pulling fender, 2 inches of dirt and
crap! Fun stuff!


Thanks in advance, 


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