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[T3] My VW Weekend

Well, besides finishing up the poster for the Type 3 Invasion this weekend, I 
also spent some quality time with my cars.  I have finished POR-15ing the 
inside of the floorpan on the 66 Square.  I have to say again, I am really 
impressed with the POR-15.  I also tried a bit more of the composites with 
the POR-15.  I used small bits of glass mat where I had more than a pin hole. 
 Seems to work good so far.  I will let everyone know what I think after I do 
the outside of the floorpan later this week.

I also scored a major parts (or pieces as my neighbir calls them) find on 
Saturday.  I had gotten a tip from Listee Peter Parker (Thanks Peter!) about 
some body panels in western MI.  I e-mailed the owner about the factory 
sunroof Squareback roof section that he was GIVING AWAY.  Turns out Grant was 
going to be heading to the Detroit area this weekend and could bring the roof 
that far for me.  Turns out he was also looking to unload the rest of the 
Square body that he had sectioned.  I got a front clip that is not in great 
shape but has some good sections for rebuilding the front of my Fasty.  I got 
a left and right rear quarter panels with the load floor that I can use to 
patch the floor of the 66 Square and have material left over for the Fasty.  
Adn I got a drivers door that I may use to replace the creased door on the 
66!!!  All for nothing and Grant shaved about 6 hours of driving off picking 
them up........

Gotta love the VW family!  Thanks again Grant. (And Peter for the tip)  I 
will try to put the panels to good use.....so the yellow Square did not give 
itself up in vain.

I took some pictures that I will try to post to my website one of these days.

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)
'66 Square (???)
About half of a Late Square (Organ Donor)

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