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Re: [T3] 67 wheel cylinder kit?

> I have seen many early type3 wheel cylinder kits around but what about
> models?  anyone have or know where i can pick up a couple wheel cylinder
> rebuild kits for my 67??
> Jeremy

I thought I had a great webpage of what bits from Type 1 and 2 VWs fit Type
3s, made using details from a parts catalogue, but that's not quite the full
story, so here it is, with help from the parts book:-

Repair kit 113-698-293 (for 22.2mm dia cyls) covers  rebuild of Type 1 front
from 10/57, Type 3 front to 7/65 (but nothing listed for Notch front to ch.
27,849), Notchback rear to 7/65, all Type 3 rear from 8/65.

Squareback rear to 7/63  is 25.4mm, like Type 2 front 3/55 to 7/70, so you
may get progress with repair kit 211-698-411.

8/63 to 7/65 Squarebacks rear, need the same as 1302/1303 Beetle (USA Super)
front repair kits (23.8mm) 361-698-301.

The site is  http://www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/partswap.htm
I hope to add part numbers when I can, and non-VW part alternatives where
there's a gap.

Anyone anything extra to offer on this?  Please send me a direct e-mail; it
may take a long time to look through 2 weeks of backlog otherwise!

I'll modify the entry as soon as I can.  Hope that's helpful.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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