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Re: [T3] too much mind time

Hey Brian-

> okay...my brain is trying to tell me this can work...
> take  one side of my engine, mount the 40 dells on a manifold that pulls
the air from
> both barrels and allows it to all go into each cylinder as the pistons
move...  the
> manifold would have to be siamesed together, but wouldn't this work?

Yes, it would *work*...

> suddenly you
> could have 40 dells that outflow 51.5 berg weber carbs that are on
isolated runners?
> right?  or is my brain way out to lunch?

Not quite.  For an economy, low performance engine, sure.  It's kinda
similar to a stock dual-carbed T3 or T4, only with bigger, more poorly
atomizing throats.  However, if you want performance, you have a couple
problems.  One is the loss of independent/isolated runners.  There's a
reason they're so nice!  Among them is that with your setup, the carb sees
non-regular pulses.  If you look really carefully at a nice, high RPM,
you'll see that cylinders 2 and 4 get a slightly different charge than 1 and
3 due to the uneven pulses and whatnot.  Your engine runs unevenly.  Take a
look at 4-barrel V8 setups.  They are essentially twin progressive carbs.
One primary and one secondary go to four cylinders apiece.  However, the
good manifolds are all designed to make sure that the carbs see regular
pulses - the four "chosen" cylinders fire 180 degrees apart.  It's the
equivalent of putting one carb on cylinders 1 and 3 and the other on 2 and
4 - they fire 360 degrees apart.  It's not as easy as "for the right carb,
cylinder 2 pulls for 180 degrees, then shuts off, then cylinder 1 pulls for
180 degrees, then shuts off, then the carb sits for 360 degrees."  And, even
if it was, the atomization would be poor...

If I were you, I'd sell the 40 Dellortos.  People love that name more than
Weber right now and you could catch a fair coin for them.  Then, buy a good
used set of Weber 44's for the same or perhaps even less money :-)  I'm
going to the Pomona Swap Meet in a couple weeks... I could look around for

Or, if you like, you could upgrade from the second-best normally-aspirared
induction setup to the best - a tuned Heimholtz resonator... :-)  On a
pancake T3, there is probably room - just remove the existing FI runners,
plenum, and T-body and replace with nicer ones (if you tweak it, you may
even be able to keep the D-Jet FI).  On your ultra-groovy speedster, the
room may not be as easily available.  Plus, it is a LOT of fabrication work!
Trust me - I'm in the process of designing one now for my new Ghia engine
using a KE-Jet setup... <sigh>

Take care,

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> Brian--1964 Notch Speedster 2332cc
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>        Parma, Idaho: Home of the 2002 "Type 3 Invasion" Aug. 17th and 18th
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