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Re: [T3] Brake pushrod

On 9 Aug 2001, at 20:01, Henrik Larsson wrote:

> I have put a new master cylinder in the 1968 Notch. The old was the
> original strange 1968-69 MC and the replacement is a new ATE MC of the
> 1970-73 style. The new MC has a different output for the left front
> brake and I must make a new brake pipe for that one.

Yes, that line might even be available from VW, but it is simple to 
just buy the correct length premade line and bend it to fit.

> I checked the pushrod clearnace after I put the new MC in and it is
> more like 10 mm than 1 mm. Before I move the pedal stop bracket I want
> to check that the pushrod has the correct length. I remember a
> discussion earlier about that the pushrod length was wrong in the
> Bentley. Is this correct and what is the true pushrod length?

Where are you measuring the 10mm? The correct 1mm clearance 
at the MC will give about 10-20mm play at the pedal. If you are 
measuring the play at the pedal, 10mm sounds just about right.

> BTW, when I was cleaning around the brake pedal I found a steel ball,
> diameter 7 mm, that looks like the ball from a ball bearing. Is this a
> part of the pedal cluster of something someone in the car has dropped
> sometime?

It's not part of the pedal cluster, but there is (was?) a ball about 
that size in the turn signal switch, for the detents.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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