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[T3] 1968 Notch progress (long)

At last I have made some progress with the 1968 Notch and I better hurry
up, because I have an appointment with the vehicle safety inspection on
August 16. Since my last report I have put the front end together,
raised the rear suspension and got new wheels/tyres. Left to do is to
rebuild the brakes and put the engine back in.

The car was lowered front and rear when I bought it in early June. I
will use the car as a daily driver and since there is only 20 m from my
house to the nearest speed bump, I wanted to raise the car. When I
started working on the front end a few weeks ago a saw that the threads
in the left steering knucle were damaged and when I removed the right
knuckle one of the ball joint clamping bolts broke off. I still haven't
dared to try to drill out that bolt and insted I used both left and
right spindles from a 1967 junk front end instead. The raising of the
suspension went without problem and I raised it one spline. I guess that
the car was lowered two splines when I bought it and the front should
now be one spline lower than stock. The steeiring box was really bad
when I bought the car and I took the steering box from the 1967 junk
beam instead.

I have also raised the rear suspension one spline and I guess that it is
back to stock height. I started on the left side and the job took about
8 hours. Then I went to the right side and did the same job in two
hours. It is fun to know that you learn something! I also realised that
without the engine the car is too light to make it possible to raise the
spring plates with a jack. The car went up in the air when there still
was 1 cm to the lower suspension stop. I had to use my father (100 kg)
to push the car down when I raised the spring plate.

I also have some new wheels and tyres. When I bought the car it had wide
14" steel wheels with worn out low profile tyres. I now have 5.5J15"
Kronprinz steel wheels with Michelin 175/70R15 tyres. I really like that
size tyre, but they were hard to locate. The tyre dealer finally found
them in Berlin (Germany) and it took a week before they arrived to

Henrik Larsson, Sweden
1964 and 1968 Notches

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