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Re: [T3] New FI Parts In

On 10 Aug 2001, at 1:09, Mark Healey wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Aug 2001 22:43:20 -0600, Jim Adney wrote:
> >I guess I don't see the problem. That wire just runs forward just to
> >right of center of the engine. About 12" in front of the "firewall"
> >it runs past the end of the starter solenoid where it plugs onto one
> >of the terminals on the solenoid.
> >
> >It does NOT connect to another wire. It connects to the starter
> >solenoid.
> I was never able to see it, but I did manage to change them by feel.

Just make sure that you have it on the correct solenoid terminal! 
There are often 2 there, and one of them will be hot all the time; 
THAT one is the wrong one and will make your engine run rich and 

> Anyway It now starts, runs and doesn't oscilate.  There is now a
> little black in the exhaust.  I'm sure there were a bunch of
> ajustments made to compensate for the mismatched parts.
> What should I check?

Fuel pressure, charging system regulating voltage, throttle valve 
switch adjustment..., plus the usual tune-up items.

> One other thing.  Do you sell the contacts for the ECU end of the
> wiring harness?

No, I've never seen these anywhere, nor have I ever seen a bad one.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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