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Re: [T3] need advice on engine rebuild

On 8 Aug 2001, at 14:13, Marc Bona wrote:

> Here I am looking at my shop floor. What I see is a 1700 type IV
> engine and a stock dual port type 3 engine. The type 3 engine is
> garbage due to a cracked case and the type 4 would need new rings,
> etc. I've been wanting to go the type 4 route for ages, but the
> more I look at it, I would much rather retain the stock engine due
> to numerous problems with carbs, clutch/flywheel. I need advice on
> how to build as bulletproof a type 3 engine as possible. It will be
> of stock displacement with no "hop-ups" but I need it to last a
> good long time and be able to travel on long trips (1-2000 miles)
> worry-free. I've already contemplated the ideas of full-flow and
> counterweighted cranks, but if any of you have any advice on case,
> p/c's, heads etc. I'd be very grateful. 

If you want longevity, the things to do first are:   

CW crank, full flow filter, balanced drive line, case savers, dual 
relief valve case, swivel foot valve adjusters. Make sure ALL the 
cooling tin and the thermostatic cooling system is there and 
properly installed and adjusted.    

Then for performance you can do the following with no loss of 
lifetime: head/valve work, free flow exhaust (must match the 

Consider some kind of electronic ignition to reduce maintenance: 
My favorite is one of the CDI units that use the stock points; they 
carry all the advantages of both worlds.    

Only after these things would I consider other things for higher 
performance. Start by studying the Bill Fisher book and Gene   
Berg's white papers. I would advise NOT reading any of the usual 
VW magazines as they are usually full of bad advise and poor 
quality parts.   

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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