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Re: [T3] engine internal stuff

On 8 Aug 2001, at 16:14, sml214@casbah.it.northwestern.edu wrote:

> >  Lifters Scat 
> Ask Laurie Dunlap about this one.  Here's the deal: most lifters in
> the automotive world are NOT flat!  They are radiused where they ride
> on the cam (on the order of a 30-40 foot radius or so - very slight). 
> VW, however, made theirs flat.  Result?  Look at a Type 4 - it is
> common to have flat cams straight from the factory due to flat
> lifters.  However, if you use radiused lifters, then the problem goes
> away even with more radical grinds! 
> I know that is the case for the cylindrical-lifter Type 4.  As for the
> mushroom-lifter Type 1, I'm not as positive.  Call Webcam and ask
> them. 

The stock OE VW type 1/2/3 lifters are radiused. They wear flat 
with time and need to be replaced eventually. They don't LOOK 
radiused when new, but if you put 2 of them face to face you can 
see that they are, and you can tell the difference between a new 
one and a used one this way, too.

I don't know about Scat lifters, but it is probably good advice to get 
your lifters from the same people who sell you the cam. It is critical 
that the metallurgy in the 2 parts work properly together, and if 
yours don't, it's always nice if you don't have the problem of 2 
venders each blaming the other guy.

There are lots of poor quality lifters out there, and you need to be 
very careful with this choice.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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