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[T3] 2- type3's help or sell

I have 2 type 3's that i havent been able to make time to get to and my
welder and compressor finally went to the trash bin... so since my cash
is tight and im getting desperate for a rail and another vehicle and
living in the city i cannot find no one around here into these VW's
enough to try to find help so i have been thinking about getting rid of
them and my parts and trying to get into it at a later time even though i
really hate to get rid of them... i can just see them sit because im just
not simplly not making enough money to keep up my passion i always lived

If anyone is around the cincy area or someone from
somewhere may be interested into my type 3's or something give me a holla
because i must do something...
They are a 1971 Auto and a 1973 Stick...   I converted both to dual
auto shifts great and runs... the  73 needs the carb rebuilt because it
has been sitting but i guarentee it is drivable and the engine is good...
i promise.
and the 73 has 63,000 on the odometer even though it sticks sometimes and
the 71 has 88k miles

These cars sat for a long time and i drove them daily for about 2 years
and have been sitting for about 1 year...  
I drive the auto around the block here and there.... i even moved some
friends with it hehe...

So i need $2500 for both and all parts...
I have a complete set of body pannels... FI wire hornest and many extras
1gas heater and parts... Doors... Rear pop out windows, many small parts.

Email me for help or buy... i dont know what else to do...
If you like to look at them you can see my type 3's at
Personal Cheap help would be more greater appreciated... Id like to keep

I have the probs and inside looks :+)

Take care yall'
VW's must never die but sometimes we need help to relive
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