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[T3] engine internal stuff

>Pat, you should read this. Its about Big Cams and High compression ratio,
>and how you should run a higher CR whne you have a bigger cam.


>Its good reading for everyone else as well. We don't always have to follow
>Gene's advice.

Yes, I agree with that great info.... but this is a street machine if I am 
not wrong here. A type III street machine... to be drivin with dependable 
outcome on the street... without tearing it apart every 10k miles.... the 
fact of the matter is... a big cam ... big carbs... and on the edge cooling 
problem is not a great street idea.... but it is one hell of a fast ride 
until the big boom...lol

I have assembled scat cased engines and stock cased engines... and it is hard 
to ignore Physics 101. A race engine can last several years in a race car... 
for a 2 to 4 minute engine run from the pits, to the line, and down the 
strip... and back to the pits. Now if you race once a week, that is still 
less than 300 minutes a year.... and you can put that on a street car with 
the same engine in less than a day. fast engines go fast... and cost lots of 
money to do that.... but if you want to street it AND BE HAPPY... you need to 
de-tune it a bit through a lower compression ratio. Now, if the cam suffers 
from that, then put in a smaller cam.

Heads are also another matter...... know what you are buying.... do not go 
over the top with to big a head. Severasl good books out there on this... 
Fischer is the best.

In the end, its a persons choice ... it is his or her money. But if one asks 
for advice, one will get advice, be it what they want to hear or not. And 
after all, it is just that one persons thoughts and no one elses when the 
advice is given.

So in the end, if it were my STREET engine built that big, it would cost 
$1800 for the case alone (SCAT) to start. If it were my RACE engine, I would 
still start the same place. Why, because the 2.4 liter engine is a stretch 
for even a type 1 to be dependable with a stock case.... way to much metal 
taken off the stock block. The 94mm cylinders is a flirt with HEAT by 

Warp Speed is Fun, just costly...Pat@volksclocks

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