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[T3] Clock Resto

Ok, here is the scoop. They are a bit to complicated for someone to just peek 
in and FIND the problem.  If you can fix them, more power to you... if you 
can't, send them to Jim or someone that has done it before with success.

Yes, there are parts on these clocks that can be effected by the solvent... 
those do not go into the solvent. But the fact of the matter is, YOU HAVE TO 
CLEAN THE CRUD OUT OF THE CLOCK after 30+ years.... 

You have to remove the fly back cam assembly on the older style... and 
understand how to put it back. I damaged several clocks of both kinds in the 
begining by not understanding the concept of the device..... all black faced 
clocks have plastic gears.... you do not soak those... you need to use a can 
of Contact Cleaner and hold the flywheel with your finger as you spray.  
Never have seen the older ones with a plastic gear, only the newer ones. 
Plastic back cover=older clock. Metal back cover=new clock.

This is how I do it... about 300+ clcoks so far... several here on this page 
in fact. I am sure Jim does his different than me. You do what works. An old 
CooCoo clock repairman showed me the process I use.... Both are German ...lol


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