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Re: type3-d Digest V01 #479

Well, I can't say that I'm crazy about 94mm pistons/Cyls. I'd recommend
90.5s, as the cylinders are much more stable. Also, if you're going to run
pump gas, you might want to lower your compression ratio down to about
7.2:1. If you semi-hemi cut the heads, you will be able to run more timing
and in turn create more power than if you kept the compression high! Added
benefits are longer life and better mileage! If you get a bergman crank, do
not get a "full circle" crank as the harmonics are terrible. This was
covered by Gene Berg articles (as was compression) and they are quite
convincing. You can check out his advice at www.geneberg.com

The cam and carbs actually sound a little small, but then if you go with
these, I'd recommend 40 and 35.5 valves. These valves may match-up better to
the exhaust systems that are available for the type 3. We don't have alot of
choices there! Do not run heater boxes with larger valves!!! Your 2 front
cylinders will run hot! The valve sizes should match the exhaust, should
match the carbs, should match the port size in the heads etc. If you need
heater boxes, run stock sized valves with a set of stainless valves (lighter
and thinner heads for better flow) and do a really nice deeply set 3 angle
valve job to get the most performance out of them. You'd be quite surprised
to see how they can perform when properly set-up!

What are you putting the motor in? If it is a standard type 3 then I'd run
the smaller heads and leave the carbs and cam like you have planned. The
type 3 is kinda heavy compared to a beetle, so you need to consider torque
much more. 

Also, I've never used one, but I've heard alot of bad things about the
advance curve of the 050 distributor. (again, I don't know from personal

"whew!" ;)

Just my 2 cents, The Amazing Kelly Pitt

P.S. If anyone has differing opinions, Feel free to disagree!
> anyone out there have problems with any of the parts listed below?  if so, let
> me
> know which and how it/they failed.  thanks!
> Displacement 2332cc
> Crank 84mm Bergmann
> Rods Scat I-beam VW
> Pistons  94mm Mahle
> Rings  Mahle
> Cam  Engle 120
> Lifters Scat
> Oil  5-30W winter/30W summer
> Oil Cooler 72 pass Mesa w/ fan
> Heads  CB Perf. 044 Magnums
> Valves 42x37.5 Stainless Steel
> Rockers VW german rockers w/chromoly pushrods
> Compression  8.2:1
> Ignition Bosch 050 dizzy, Blue coil, 8mm wires, W8ac plugs
> Carburetion Dual 40mm Dellorto
> Exhaust Custom Tri-Mill w/turbo muffler and stinger attached
> Flywheel 200mm Stock VW
> Horsepower est. 153 @ 5,200
> --
> Brian--1964 Notch Speedster 2332cc

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