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Re: [T3] well it is a done deal...

On 7 Aug 2001, at 18:25, Thomas Hansen wrote:

> A stock crank won't turn 7k in a stock engine. Unless you tow it with the
> car in gear and go really fast!  The heads, springs valves and induction are
> the governor. But you knew that , didn't you?

Oh, I really think it will. Just not in 4th gear. ;-)

And then again it will be doing lots of damage to the #2 main 
bearing, as well as to the pushrods, as they bow out and wear 
against the insides of the pushrod tubes.

BTW, the FI can't do this, the injectors just can't keep up, but 
carbs have no such limitations. OTOH, I consider this a kind of 
built-in rev limiter, a bonus, since I don't care to rebuild an engine 
more than once.

Time for a true life VW racing story: A number of years ago I had 
several friends at a local shop who raced a VW beetle in a local 
SCCA class nearby. There were always several other beetles that 
they could depend on to show up to compete against, including 
one from MoFoCo in Milwaukee.

The MoFoCo bug was always tricked out in all the latest hot stuff 
and could be counted on to break out of the pack and come 
screaming down the main straight at 7-8,000 rpm. The races 
tended to be 25-50 miles, and as many laps.

The folks I knew were pretty knowledgable and had been racing 
one car or another for decades; they were also the ones who 
turned me on to the Bill Fisher book. They had a roller crank and 
still kept the rpms down and the gearing up.

Race after race, year after year, the MoFoCo car seldom finished a 
race, while the car I got to take a victory lap in won consistently, 
both race and season, year after year.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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