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Re: [T3] [T-3] got my engine machined (questions)

On 7 Aug 2001, at 15:57, Martinez, Leon wrote:

> I have gotten my basement junkyard case machined  .
> The owner (at Bears VW machine in Chula Vista California
> (next to San Diego)place looks very professional and 
> knoweldgeable 619-475-9960) mentioned that my case is on the third
> line-bore and that it is at .06 and that .08 is the last one 
> for my case but for insistive clients he can line bore it to
> .1 and he has bearings for it. He said that this last line-bore 
> is not recommendable. 

It's likely that nothing is as good as a new case, but if these 
bearings have the steel-backed #2s then they should be fine.

You should also assemble the case halves empty and use a thin 
feeler gauge to make sure that the web halves meet solidly in the 
areas above and below the #2 bearing.

>  The line -bore came out  beautiful with a fine mirror finish.

The important part is whether he got the diameter right. You just 
have to trust him.

> This was done for 90 dollars (line-bore, thrust cut, set of thrust-
> cut mains). 40 dollars for decking case.   

Case savers? This is the time to do it. If you do the 8mm studs, 
remember that the torque settings are different!

> He also sold me a "NOS" hydraulic lifter conversion kit for
> 100 dollars: includes lifters cam/gear (case matched)
> shortened pushrods, and dual springs. He said that the 
> cam was reground at SNIDER cams (the place
> with the Iron Cross Logo) to match a vw bus type 
> cut.

Sorry, no idea.

> The lifters are slip in, with no machining required.
> does anyone know who made these kind of 
> hydraulic lifters? They look just like the solid kind but 
> with the internal hydraulic mechanism.
> What reputation did these have ? I bought a 26mm
> flat gear pump to match my new flat hydraulic cam.
> Is this pump sufficient?

Large flat gear pump should be 25mm. The 26mm pump is the std 
for the dished gear.

> On my new cam , I notice that the lobes are 
> very noticeably narrower and taller. This makes
>  me think that this is a short duration high lift
>  performance cam or this typical when comparing
>  hydraulic to solid lifter type ?

Sorry, no idea.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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