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[T3] [T-3] got my engine machined (questions)

I have gotten my basement junkyard case machined  .
The owner (at Bears VW machine in Chula Vista California
(next to San Diego)place looks very professional and 
knoweldgeable 619-475-9960) mentioned that my case is on the third
line-bore and that it is at .06 and that .08 is the last one 
for my case but for insistive clients he can line bore it to
.1 and he has bearings for it. He said that this last line-bore 
is not recommendable. 

Is this a correct recomendation ? Is a case on it's third line bore,
is it the same as a new one ?

 The line -bore came out  beautiful with a fine mirror finish.

This was done for 90 dollars (line-bore, thrust cut, set of thrust-
cut mains). 40 dollars for decking case.   

He sold me used cleaned blank head for 25 bucks.

He also sold me a "NOS" hydraulic lifter conversion kit for
100 dollars: includes lifters cam/gear (case matched)
shortened pushrods, and dual springs. He said that the 
cam was reground at SNIDER cams (the place
with the Iron Cross Logo) to match a vw bus type 

The lifters are slip in, with no machining required.
does anyone know who made these kind of 
hydraulic lifters? They look just like the solid kind but 
with the internal hydraulic mechanism.
What reputation did these have ? I bought a 26mm
flat gear pump to match my new flat hydraulic cam.
Is this pump sufficient?

On my new cam , I notice that the lobes are 
very noticeably narrower and taller. This makes
 me think that this is a short duration high lift
 performance cam or this typical when comparing
 hydraulic to solid lifter type ?

No staight cut gears on this.... yet.



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